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Helping People Stay focused on their real work, and not the Technlolgy

RufusTech has a simple, no-nonsense approach to Information Technology (IT) solutions. ("IT" refers to all manner of information processing hardware such as personal computers, printers, server computers, routers, hubs, switches, etc.) We strive to make your IT infrastructure work smoothly and transparently so you can focus your energy on doing the important work of your business, and minimize productivity loss due to crashes, bugs and other glitches.

Helping you get the most from your IT Investment
Much of IT hardware and software potential remains unrealized in the business world and households. We strive to help companies, individuals and families get more from their existing investments, as well as carefully advising investment in the most sensible and proven technology solutions available at a given time.

Straight Talk and Integrity
We strive to avoid technical jargon and speak in terms that can be understood by all. Our goal is to empower our clients to make informed decisions surrounding their own information technology needs.

No "Strategic Partner" Policy = Unbiased Technology Recommendations
Generally, we do not partner with, or give preferential treatment to any technology producing companies. This allows us to make unbiased recommendations to our clients. Healthy skepticism should be applied to technology consulting services which are permanently connected to vendors of computing equipment, software or Internet access. All too often consulting firms will push products from a shortlist of vendors that provide them monetary kickbacks for each sale of software and equipment. We believe it is unethical and a poor value to our clients if we are motivated to recommend substandard technology because of a relationship with vendors.

When RufusTech does choose to give preferential treatment to a provider, three main criteria must be upheld: (1) We must feel the technology is excellent, (2) the value to our clients must be excellent, and (3) we must be able to cancel our relationship at any time and move our clients to something better.

Similar to the preceding issue, if we were to market RufusTech as "certified" in programs hosted by technology producing and selling companies it would generally mean two things: (1) RufusTech engineers have been indoctrinated in one "island" of technology, and (2) our company has significant expenses to recoup from course fees, books, lost productive time, etc. Once again, this scenario would put RufusTech in the situation of needing to pass on excessive expenses on to our clients, and begins the "slippery slope" of potentially biasing technology recommendations to our clients. Furthermore, certification programs do not provide a valid substitute for a university Computer Science degree and/or years of professional computing experience that are the hallmark of a highly skilled and well rounded IT consultant.

We maintain a technical library, selectively participate in a variety of relevant courses, and monitor the wealth of freely available technology information on-line. RufusTech engineers participate in regular "knowledge-transfer" meetings, the aim of which is to propagate vital and timely computer science skills among our staff.

No Gimmicks
The value provided by RufusTech lies in applying our unbiased expertise to customer technology needs. We charge only for productive time, divided into partial hours. We do not mark up parts and we do not charge for superfluous expenses or mileage for service calls within a 40 mile radius of the technician's starting point.

No recommendations are implicitly or explicitly made, for any of the products or services advertised, or linked to from this web site.

In Summary
Computer Science, though still an evolving science, became a big business before it ever became a profession. Professional standards and certifications that are not produced by an entity promoting one "island" of technology are very difficult to find. The mystique surrounding technology is regularly used to manipulate and take advantage of the non-tech savvy masses. RufusTech strives to bring a much needed component of integrity, ethics and professionalism to computing.

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